Ruc Mon Cave

The world of Phong Nha has so many beauties to offer, many caves that are a must to see for every visitor. However, when choosing between all, if you don’t want to feel like a sheep and are seeking for an experience a bit more different than the rest, just keep reading.

Are you tired of the crowds and big groups? Feel like all caves are the same? Looking for more adventure and less sit and watch?


Then, my friends, it is time for you to get to know Ruc Mon Cave. Haven’t you heard of it before? Exactly.


It wasn’t open to the public until mid 2017, close to the border with Laos, deep inside the natural park and nearby different minority tribe villages. Ruc Mon Cave is considered the 2nd largest cave in this area. Fresh and almost untouched, offers the perfect adventure level for all the publics.

If you want to discover it’s treasures, gleaming walls that shine with waterfalls of rock glitter, amazing pearl formations out of nowhere, fossiles, stalagmites and stalactites that will open your mouth with a ‘Wow’, you will have to swim, climb and abseil to it’s inner secrets.

And the best of all: It will be just you with the guides

The cave has 2 wet entrances, this will mean a little swimming warming up before starting the climb and discovery of the 3 different levels the wonders are distributed among.

You will see bats and otherworld creepy creatures taken out of sci fi books.

Furthermore, this secret entrance to an inner fantasy world it’s concealing some history in between it’s walls and rivers: There was a community that used to live inside the cave, hiding from the rest of humans, up to 10 years ago.


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