Ruc Mon Cave Adventure

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  • Ruc Mon Cave Experience
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Ruc Mon Cave Adventure
Ruc Mon Adventure


    A full day of Trekking, Swimming, Climbing and Exploring the Ruc Mon Cave!

You’ll begin this tour by traveling the winding karst mountain road through the awe inspiring Da Deo Mountain Pass! After an hour into the scenic drive, you’ll arrive at the quaint Yen Phu Village. From here you’ll trek a total of 5km to the mouth of the cave. Along the way you’ll stop at the Yen Phu Lake for a stunning photo opportunity. Upon seeing this picturesque landscape it will become abundantly clear why this lake was chosen as a prominent location for the recent blockbuster film, Kong: Skull Island.

     Shortly after will be the first of three river crossings and trek past the breathtaking mountain views and lush nature. Then you’ll continue on hiking through lush forests until we reach the towering and narrow cave entrance along a tranquil turquoise river. After trekking the beautiful Vietnamese terrain, you’ll be happy to dive right into the mystical pool of inviting waters. Once refreshed, we’ll all have a traditional Vietnamese BBQ style lunch at the mouth of the cave. When your hunger for adventure returns, the subterranean river will entice you to explore further inside the cave where you are able to venture 3-5km deep, it will be up to you how far we dare to go. You will begin your journey into the dark Ruc Mon Cave by swimming against a light current of crystal clear water from the depths of the mountain’s heart. Here you’ll spend about four hours exploring inside the cave via swimming, hiking, and a bit of light climbing, before letting the gentle current float you back to the cave’s entrance. After exiting the cave you will have time to change clothes, relax, and enjoy hot coffee or tea and fresh fruit.

This cave was only recently discovered and accessible for tourists, so you can lead the way and be one of the pioneering adventurers here! Hang Ruc Mon (Hang is Vietnamese for cave) is 16 kilometers long, up to 250 meters high, and 320 meters wide, making it in the top three largest cave in the Phong Nha area! By joining this adventure with Green Land Tours you can experience the incredible world beneath the earth’s surface with beautifully sparkling rocks, towering stalagmites, and stalactites dripping down over hundreds of millions of years in the making. You will swim in the crystal clear water running through an ancient river that forged a path as it pushed through minuscule cracks in the limestone. En route you will get to visit a local village, the Yen Phu Lake, as well as one of the dramatic filming locations of the latest King Kong movie. There are no other companies going to Hang Ruc Mon, so if you want to get off the beaten path and discover true peacefulness in the Vietnamese countryside, this is the tour for you! Our friendly guides will help you along the way and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenate throughout and the stunning scenery.

So prepare to whet your appetite for adventure as you dive in to explore as many kilometers as you can handle of swimming, climbing, and bouldering through our incredible Hang Ruc Mon!



  • 12 km of jungle trekking

  • Sightsee in the Da Deo Mountain Pass

  • Cross three rivers along the trekking pathway before reaching the entrance of the cave

  • Explore and swim 3-5km inside the cave

  • Enjoy a traditional Vietnamese style BBQ lunch

General Information:

Duration: 1 Day

Availability: Daily

Adventure Level: Easy/medium for physically active guests

Tour Starts: 7:30 – 8:00 AM (from any local hotel in Phong Nha)

Tour Ends: 5:30 – 6:00 PM (from any local hotel in Phong Nha)

Group Size: Average 2-20 pax (minimum requirement of 2 persons to operate)

Minimum Age: 12 years old


Price: 71 USD/person (price inclusive of VAT & environment/ entrance fees)


Detailed Itinerary:

Phong Nha – Yen Phu – Ruc Mon Cave (2nd Entrance)

7:30 - 8:00 AM: Your day kicks off nice and early and you will be collected from your hotel in Phong Nha.

8:00 AM: Once everyone has been picked up, and you have picked out a pair of shoes/sandals and socks, you’ll be driven 30km over the historic Da Deo Mountain Pass. Here you’ll enjoy breathtaking views looking down into the jungle and will have the opportunity to get some insight into the history of the area and the mountain range through which you’ll be exploring. Upon reaching the Yen Phu Village you will set off towards Yen Phu Lake with your porter.

9:30 AM: Once you arrive at the lake, another perfect photo opportunity, your guide will give you information as you have a chance to appreciate the peaceful nature alongside the cows, buffaloes and birds. Your trek continues for approximately an hour and a half to the entrance of the cave, through glorious landscapes, the residence of the famous giant King Kong… so tread lightly…

12:00 PM: When you reach the entrance to the cave you will have some time to relax and rest your legs while a delicious traditional Vietnamese style BBQ meal is prepared for you (a vegetarian option is always available). You will feast local style where all the food is spread out onto banana leaves and you can choose to wrap your meal up in either a spring roll or rice paper.

1:00 PM: Re-energised for the next part of the tour, you enter the cave by leaping into the crystal clear water, sure to wake you up after lunch and prepare you for the adventure ahead! You will swim through the entrance and into the darkness. With your friendly guide helping you along the way you’ll click on your head lamps and explore by wading, swimming, climbing, and bouldering. Pause to respect millennia of history that it took to form the incredible stalagmites, stalactites, and other rare stone formations exclusive only to the Ruc Mon cave. Touch the stone where the water has shaped its path, dip your hand into the deep dimples that have eroded away over time. You can spend two to three hours here, pausing for breaks if you feel tired, or go deeper into the abyss if you dare!

4:00 PM: Once back at the cave entrance, you’ll have a chance to dry off and change back into your trekking clothes before having coffee or tea and fresh fruit before finally heading back to the village. You can take a slightly shorter route for this part, so don’t worry if your legs are tired! You will say goodbye to the village, jump into the van and head back to Phong Nha. You’ll have time to reflect on the sights and experiences of your day and share contact information and photos with your group.

5:30 - 6:00 PM: Arrival back into Phong Nha! You will be dropped off at your accommodation where you’ll be free to recount your day to fellow travelers as well as your friends and family back home.  And you still have plenty of time to get ready for an evening out, or to get ready to take a night bus!

We will provide you with the following:

Free pick up and drop off from guest’s accommodation using our new, spacious, and air conditioned bus

Professional English-speaking tour guide and guide assistance

Caving and safety gear: caving helmet, headlight, life jacket, gloves, socks

1 pair of trekking boots/shoes and travel towel

Dry box for phones and small cameras

Complimentary lunch

Porter to prepare meals and water

First Aid kit

Please also bring with you the following:

v  1 long sleeved shirt

v  1 pair of long pants (preferably quick-dry)

v  1 set of swim wear for swimming

v  1 set of dry clothes to change into after the tour

v  Recommended personal items: mosquito repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, camera, etc.


We would like to remind our expedition members not to bring jewelry and other valuable accessories and that unexpected changes on itinerary might happen due to the weather conditions.


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avatar - Dec, 13, 2017 -

Jason Creighton

Lots of fun. We went swimming, trekking and climbing on the rocks. Was like bouldering inside the darkness of the cave. It was a wonderful experience. It felt real, i'm definitely recommending!