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Ruc Mon Cave

Cập nhật: 26-09-2018 03:53:51 | Tourist Attraction | Lượt xem: 5879

Ruc mon cave 


Ruc mon vave

Ruc Mon is one of caves in the cave system in Quang Binh, which is belonging to the Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park and extending from Trung Hoa commune to Hoa Son commune of Minh Hoa district. Location far away about 80km northwest of Dong Hoi city, about 500km south of Hanoi, in the west it is bordered by Laos, 50km east of the sea. According to scientists, the weathering process of Ruc Mon is a natural process that has taken place 250 million years ago. The cave is located in the northern part of the Ke Bang limestone massif that is directly affected by the strongly weathered underground aquifer covering an area of 10,000 km2.

ruc mon cave
The Ruc Mon Cave consists of two large gates, each with a height of 50 to 95 meters and a length of about 14,297 meters, which is a delight for those who enjoy the experience of endurance. The Ruc Mon is divided into 4 floors with different characteristics including water layer, mud floor, dry floor and the most romantic is the mist. Taking the length of the cave is the Rao Con river flowing underground is very astonishing. Terrain mainly consists of high slopes, waterfalls, cliffs and deep lakes inside the cave have rich ecosystem (fish, bats). Ruc Mon is famous for its unique stone and stalactite blocks named after the massive and tens of meters in height.

Ruc mon cave
In August 2015, the Royal Caves Association recognized the Ruc Mon Cave is one of the largest cave in Quang Binh, much larger than the Deer Cave in Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia, which is four to five times larger than Phong Nha cave. Ruc Mon is considered to be the historical evidence of the Ruc ancient, bearing the historical mark of the anti-French resistance under emperor Ham Nghi. The cave has many traces of ancient ecology and the presence of the Ruc.

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